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No one ever grew up saying “I want to be a mortgage broker when I’m older”. I personally wanted to be a pilot, but the first time I went on a flight in a light aircraft I felt nauseous, so that was the end of that.

I found this career when I bought my first home in Canada and my neighbour was a mortgage broker; she was the one who guided me into the profession. I’ve always had an interest in finance, and I previously worked in hospitality: Being a mortgage broker perfectly marries the two.

I love to educate and assist my clients in the biggest purchase of their life; chances are you will never spend more money. There is so much that you need to know, and the choices you make when you first take out a mortgage will implicate your finances for years to come: You need a professional guiding you.

I’m an impartial professional, in that I don’t work for one financial institution, I work for you. Mortgage brokers work with multiple financial institutions; banks, credit unions, mortgage financing companies and private lenders to give you a solution that is tailored to you and your individual requirements and needs.

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Mortgage brokers in Ontario have to be licensed and are held to a much higher standard than bank employees. Work with a professional who is dedicated to their career.


You’ve got to know the business to be successful. There are so many products and programs out there, you’ve got to stay focused.


This is my full time job, and I’m 100% dedicated to my growth and finding you the best solution for your own unique situation.

“Opportunities don't happen.
You create them.”

Chris Grosser

communication is key

A positive mortgage broker experience

get to know each other

Everyone has a unique situation, and just because one financial institution gave you a certain answer, that may not be your best option.

understanding your needs

What’s the most important thing to you in a mortgage? You may not even know until we’ve spoken in depth.

determining your goals

Thinking of buying an investment property in the future? Want to help your kids with their further education? Setting you up with the right mortgage product now will save you money in the future.

helping you achieve your financial and homeownership goals.

Your time is a precious commodity, and I’m an expert in taking care of the financing details on your behalf – with your best interest in mind. I shop your mortgage options to a number of leading Canadian financial institutions, many of which Canadians have trusted for generations, and find the mortgage that’s best for you. Plus, I have access to broker-only mortgage lenders, which could offer mortgage rates and features that you may not otherwise have access to.

i Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Buying a home may seem like a daunting task. The first step should always be getting your finances in order to see what you can afford. Click below to book a mortgage consultation and begin your journey to homeownership.

Fun Facts About Tim

Questions And Answers

I’m originally from the UK, growing up just outside of Cambridge. The accent can surprise some people when we first speak!

In my early 20s I got a working holiday visa and worked out west in Whistler for a ski season. I then came to Ontario and worked in Muskoka where I met my partner Julia. We both love skiing and moved to Collingwood for a season after the summer in Muskoka. We also lived in the UK for 18 months while she sponsored me for my permanent residency, and when we came back to Canada, we both wanted to live full time somewhere near Blue Mountain.

Since becoming a permanent resident at the end of 2015, Julia and I have lived in the Georgian Triangle area. We live in Collingwood and own an investment property in Meaford. I’ll teach you how to leverage your first home to buy your next!

I want to be your trusted advisor and to help you with your mortgage needs until you no longer need one! Service is the key, and when you have a question about your mortgage I can promise you’ll get a quicker response from me than you would trying to get hold of your bank.

About Tim Ward

If it’s secured against your home, I can do it! Everyone knows what a mortgage is and they’re my bread and butter, but a secured line of credit (or a Home Equity Line of Credit) is also registered against your home, and I do them too. I also have access to some smaller loan solutions up to $40,000 where you receive the funds in 2 days without the same “red tape” mortgage financing goes through.

I love helping people with what is likely the largest financial decision of their life. There is so much to know about mortgage financing and products, that you need an expert to help guide you through it. A bank will place you with a product that works best for them, and their bottom line. I want you to make the right decision for you and your lifestyle. I get a kick out of when I find the solution for a really tough problem, or when someone comes to me who didn’t qualify elsewhere.